Activated Carbon for Sugar Decolorization

Activated Carbon for Sugar Decolorization

Acarbon Sugar Decolorization Carbon has a large average pore radius and has a remarkable feature of large adsorption capacity and rapid adsorption. It is mainly used in the decolorization and refining of refined sugar, xylose, fructose, glucose, fruit juice and alcohol, food chemistry and brewing industry. It is also suitable for the decolorization, refining and purification of citric acid and macromolecular pigments of other organic acids. Acarbon meets food grade requirements and is certified by Kosher and Halal.

In the production process, according to the process requirements of batch decolorization treatment and continuous decolorization treatment, Acarbon can provide powder carbon and granular carbon with different particle sizes.


Granular Activated Carbon for Color Removal

SCG Series

This is a high activity granular activated carbon that can be used for sugar decolorization process. It has high surface area, large pore volume, and fine pore structure.

Powdered Activated Carbon for Color Removal

SCP Series

This series of wood powdered activated carbon is made by chemical activation, it can be used for sucrose, glucose and fructose syrup, and other forms of sweeteners.



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