ACC® Activated Carbon

Activated carbon manufacturer, supplier, and value-added services provider.

Raw Material:
  • Wood Activated Carbon Material SVG
  • Coal Activated Carbon Material SVG
  • Coconut Shell Activated Carbon Material SVG
  • Bamboo Activated Carbon Material SVG

We are pleased to recommend the following ACC activated carbon products and sincerely welcome your valuable comments and feedback on our products and services.

Agglomerated Activated Carbon

Agglomerated Activated Carbon for Water Treatment

This series is a coal-based granular activated carbon that can be used for the removal of dissolved organic compounds from water and wastewater as well as industrial and food processing streams.

  • Carbon granules are uniformly activated through the whole granule, not just the outside, resulting in excellent adsorption properties and constant adsorption kinetics.
  • This product is certified to the requirements of NSF/ANSI.
  • Water TreatmentWater Treatment
  • Gas TreatmentGas Treatment
  • AG Series
  • AGL Series (low bulk density)

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Extruded Activated Carbon

ACC Extruded Activated Carbon

ACC extruded activated carbon produced from coal, wood and coconut shell, either by high temperature steam activation or chemical activation under stringent quality control. With low ash content, large surface area, high mechanical hardness, high pore volume and chemical stability.

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Specialty Activated Carbon

ACC Spherical Activated Carbon

High iodine number | Ultra-fine sizes | Large specific surface area

  • Superb activated carbon

    Customized activated carbon with ultra-high strength, ultra-large surface area, ultra-high iodine number, ultra-low ash content and ultra-high caramel decolorization rate.

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Powdered Activated Carbon

Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC)

The powdered activated carbon manufactured in ACC's milling and mixing plants are characterized by precise adsorption and filtration properties. We also offer customized solutions for a wide application spectrum. Liquid and gaseous media are treated with ACC powdered activated carbons.

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ACC dedicates to offering customized supply chain service. We know Chinese manufactures and suppliers, assist our customers to select quality and suitable manufacturers according to their specific needs and the reality of manufacturing industry in China. ACC guarantees that our manufacturers are the top class in the industry in China, not only has reliable manufacturing capacity, but also has strong research and development capability. ACC ensures to provide quality and reliable products, targeted services and comprehensive solutions on the basis of customers’ requirement.

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Quality Supervision

ACC fully supervises and tracks customized supply chain operation services from the source of materials, the process of production, the guarantee of product quality, the delivery time of goods preparation in order to ensure the complete compliance of customer requirements. All these are under the strict procedures of tracking, supervision and notification. Moreover, ACC proceeds double quality monitoring, at the same time. Besides self-quality inspection by the plants, ACC also conducts comprehensive and strict inspection of goods before shipment to ensure the quality of products.

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Logistics Distribution

According to customers' requirements, ACC can provide customers with various transportation methods and route plans, including air transportation, sea transportation, land transportation, LCL, FCL and bulk cargo, etc. ACC can also provide other service including import and export customs duties, cargo tracking, cargo rights management, inventory management and value-added service.

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ACC provides one-to-one professional after-sales service. Besides of professional customer service team off-line, ACC also sets up the self-tracking network system which is convenient for clients to track the production process by themselves at any time. ACC organizes comprehensive and effective after-sales service system includes tracking of order production, logistics, technical instructions of products usage, business consultation, customer complaint service, recall of defective products, pre-compensation of quality problems and customer satisfaction survey.

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Financial Service

For customers with long-term cooperation and credit standing and respectability, ACC can customize credit trading products, provide financing services, settlement risk management, exchange rate management and other financial services.

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Information Service

ACC provides instant information of relevant industry, including supply information, manufacturer information, new product/new application information, logistics information, financial information, policy and legal information, etc. in order to assist our customers to comprehensively and accurately understand China's market supply situation in time.

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