Granular Activated Carbon for Color Removal


SCG Series

Granular Activated Carbon with Low Iron Content


This series of granular activated carbon can be applied for the purification and treatment of all forms of sweeteners. They can be used for the removal of colour and other unwanted byproducts. And they are suitable for continuous processing of sugar decolorization process and equipment.


This is a high activity granular activated carbon. It has a strongly developed transitional pore structure to perform well in the adsorption of medium-to-high molecular weight compounds. This high mesoporosity allows the effective removal of color bodies and complex organic molecules and provides and excellent adsorption capacity. The product has been engineered to have superior mechanical strength and this ensures negligible losses through multiple reactivations.


  • High surface area, large pore volume, and fine pore structure.
  • Can be regenerated, high cost effectiveness.


Acid soluble iron%< 0.03
Iodine Numbermg/g> 950
Note 1. Sizes can be customized;
2. The above test methods are performed using ASTM/GB protocol for activated carbon.


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