Activated Carbon for Base Oil Filtration



This type of powder activated carbon is specially designed to remove the carbon particles & odor in the final filtration process of semi-finished oil or based oil. It can be also used for petroleum refining and the treatment of lubricating oil.


This type of powder activated carbon is made of high quality wood by phosphoric acid activation. Generally, the powder product can be added to the oil to be treated, stir evenly, held in suspension for some time (contact or residence time) and then filtered with filter cloth after the activated carbon is fully absorbed.


  • Good & fine particle size distribution;
  • High adsorption capacity by high methylene blue and high iodine number;
  • Kosher Certificate;
  • Hala Certificate.


ItemUnitWP-1200 M300
Iodine Numbermg/gmin. 1200
Methylene Bluemg/gmin. 280-300
Sulphated Ash%max. 3
Moisture%max. 10
Ironppmmax. 500 (test value can reach 200)
Chloride%max. 0.05
Acid Soluble%max. 2
Particle Size%min. 90% pass 300 mesh
Note 1. Other sizes can be customized;
2. All of the above test methods are performed using ASTM/GB protocol for activated carbon.



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