Activated Carbon Catalyst

Activated Carbon Catalyst

The carbon catalyst is made by performance modification and surface modification from activated carbon. The activated carbon itself can be a catalyst and meet or exceed the performance of conventional noble metal catalysts in selectivity and conversion. Also, because no noble metal is added, the production cost of the catalyst is greatly reduced and the catalyst recycling program after use is simplified. The carbon catalyst has been widely used in various industries.

Catalyst for Glyphosate

GY Series

Acarbon GY Series activated carbon is especially suitable as an oxidation catalyst in the herbicide production. This carbon catalyst is processed through modification and thermal treatment and takes less reaction time and energy consumption compared to conventional technology.

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Wood-based Activated Carbon Pellet

WEC Series

This series of activated carbon has optimal transport pores for faster adsorption and desorption, which is especially important for catalyst and chemical conversion process.

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Bamboo Activated Carbon

BP Series

BP Series activated carbon has high surface area, developed micropores, and enhanced adsorption capacity. ACC can provide bamboo activated carbon in different forms and specifications.

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Superb Activated Carbon

Superb Series

This series has characteristics such as super high surface area, strong adsorption capacity, very low ash content.

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