Vegetable Series Activated Carbon


Acarbon vegetable based activated carbon is made of wood, bamboo and coconut shell as raw materials. It uses various activated carbon production processes such as granulation method, chemical activation and steam activation to produce various shapes of activated carbon and carbon catalysts such as extruded, granular, spherical and powder type.

Activated Carbon

Acarbon Vegetable Series Activated Carbon includes:

  • Wood based activated carbon: extruded, spherical, granular, powder type.
  • Coconut shell based activated carbon: extruded, spherical, granular type.
  • Bamboo based activated carbon: extruded, spherical, granular, powder type.


Acarbon Vegetable Series Activated Carbon main applications include: VOCs recovery; oil and gas recovery carbon canister; the refinery, purification, decolorization and deodorization of sugar, beverages, alcohol and MSG, etc.; It can also be widely used in special water treatment; air purification under various conditions; pressure swing adsorption; mercury removal, energy storage, etc.

Acarbon Vegetable Series Activated Carbon – Main advantages include:

① Performance advantages:

Customized pore distribution structure, well-developed micropores and mesopores, reasonable pore size distribution; Large specific surface area, high adsorption and desorption, high strength, low density, low ash, less impurities, easy to purify, stable and safe, wide application range, long service life and low cost.

② Environmental Protection:

Coal based activated carbon will cause environmental damage during the mining of raw materials, production and use, resulting in a large amount of carbon dioxide emissions. While vegetable activated carbon uses renewable plants as raw materials, taking the resource saving and eco friendly into reality, no matter from its raw materials, production or usage.

③ Supply and cost advantages:

With the limits of raw materials and environmental protection, the cost of coal is on the up trend and the supply is not able to keep continuously stable. While for vegetable series activated carbons, their raw materials are sufficient and renewable; the supply and their material cost can be very steady for a long time.



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