Activated Carbon for Siloxane Removal


SIL Series


Siloxanes are a class of man-made organosilicon compounds widely used in several industrial and household applications, such as pharmaceutics, and personal care products. The widespread use of these products has led to a significant increase of siloxanes in both wastewater and landfills. Therefore, biogases from the above sources contain siloxanes. The combustion of siloxane-containing biogases that produces abrasive micro-crystalline silica has caused serious damage, destruction, and reduced efficiency to engines, turbines, fuel cells and catalysts, so siloxanes removal is of great importance in biogas purity. However, there is a large number of competing compounds presenting in the biogases, including siloxanes, VOCs, H2S and other sulfur species. The physical adsorption of siloxanes becomes a difficult challenge for the effective recovery of energy from this renewable resource due to competitive adsorption dynamics.

ACarbon SIL Series activated carbon is specially designed for the removal of all species of siloxanes. Our SIL activated carbon preferentially adsorbs siloxanes over high BTU VOCs commonly found in biogas. Moreover, the surface chemistry of SIL AC makes it capture more efficiently both large-molecular-weight siloxanes and difficult-to-remove, low-molecular-weight compounds.


BET Surface Aream2/gmin. 1600
Ash Content%max. 5
Apparent Densitykg/m3270-370
Note 1. Sizes can be customized;
2. All of the above test methods are performed using ASTM/GB protocol for activated carbon.


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