Pressure Swing Adsorption Activated Carbon


This type of carbon is made from high quality of natural coal by using catalytic method of activation. It gets strong adsorption capacity, easy desorption function and high strength. It is widely used for the separation, purification or desulfurization of chemical raw gases and chemical synthesis gases, such as H2, O2, N2, CH4, CO2, CO and other gases from petrochemical, metallurgical and synthetic ammonia industries.

Pellet Diameter2.2 ± 0.2 mm;
Other sizes can be customized.
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PSA Series

Activated carbon for pressure swing adsorption (PSA) plants


It can also purify and separate nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide from the air, and separate methane from fermentation gas, and it can also isolate hydrogen from methanol decomposition gas and blast furnace gas.


This series of activated carbon is produced by steam activation from selected hard coal. The main application for this product is the use in pressure swing adsorption (PSA) plants for high purity hydrogen recovery.


  • High hardness.
  • Developed pore structure, especially micro pore volume.
  • High speed adsorption.


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