Powdered Activated Carbon for Color Removal


SCP Series


Products Inculde:SCP-225SCP-240SCP-300
Chloridemax. 0.35-0.5%max. 0.1%
Iodine Numbermin. 950 mg/gmin. 950 mg/gmin. 1200 mg/g
NoteParticle size distribution can be customized;


This series of powder activated carbon can be applied for the purification and treatment of all forms of sweeteners, including sucrose, glucose and fructose syrup. They can be used for the removal of colour and other unwanted byproducts.


This series of powder activated carbon is made of high quality wood by chemical activation. Where the treatment process lends itself to the use of batch treatment, or where the activated carbon with the best effect has low mechanical durability in granular form, the use of a powdered material is implemented. Here the powdered product is added to the raw liquor, held in suspension for some time (contact or residence time) and then filtered using standard techniques. This mode of operation also permits the blending of the activated carbon with other materials such as bleaching earth (common in edible oil treatment).

Due to the ability of activated carbon to be used to equilibrium capacity, the same material can be used in low load, followed by high load adsorption points in the treatment system. This counter-current technique is highly cost-effective and optimises PAC usage.


  • High PH value, can be at 4.
  • Perfect particle size distribution, good performance in sugarcane filtration.
  • High methylene blue, high iodine number.
  • Kosher Certificate.
  • Hala Certificate.


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