Activated Carbon for Water Treatment

ACC provides activated carbon products developed for drinking water purification & deodorization, wastewater and sewage advanced treatment, ultrapure water preparation in the electronic industry and pharmaceutical industry, organic matter removal from water, etc.

Three featured series are strongly recommended:

  • Wood-based powdered activated carbon — It is produced through the activation of wood raw material with special technology, it can be well-performed in special water treatment;
  • Coal-based agglomerated activated carbon — It has high volatile matter;
  • Superb Series activated carbon — This series includes activated carbon for chloramine removal, food-grade activated carbon for water purification, and custom activated carbon.
    • Activated Carbon for Chloramine Removal (Food Grade)

      Acarbon activated carbon for chloramine removal is processed through special treatment. It has ultra-high purity, and ultra-low content of ash, ferric salts (0.01% max), and heavy metals. With characteristics such as appropriate pore structure, high activity, and high strength, the activated carbon can effectively remove chloramine and other harmful substances in drinking water.

    • Activated Carbon for Water Purification (Food Grade)

      Acarbon food-grade activated carbon for water purification is a series of high-performance, high-adsorption activated carbon products made by top-notch wood materials. It has features such as high iodine number, high methylene blue value, low conductivity, and low chloride content. This activated carbon is now widely used in high-end water purification industries in America and Japan due to its excellent adsorption performance and good value for money.

    • Custom Activated Carbon

      ACC can provide custom activated carbon products in different shapes (spherical, extruded, etc.), with ultr-high strength (99 %), surface area up to 2000 m2/g, iodine number up to 2000 mg/g, ultra-low ash content (1%), methylene blue value (500 mg/g), as well as other activated carbon products with special requirements for filtration performance, pellet diameter, pore size distribution.

activated carbon for water treatment


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