Renewable Resource Activated Carbon


ACarbon Renewable Resource Activated Carbon is made of wood charcoal, bamboo and coconut shell as raw materials, uses various activated carbon production processes such as granulation method, chemical activation and steam activation to produce various shapes of activated carbon such as extruded, granular and powder type and carbon catalysts. ACC is currently the supplier of renewable resource activated carbon with the most complete varieties, the highest technical level and the most extensive application in China.

Featured Products

  • Wood based activated carbon: extruded, granular type;
  • Coconut shell based activated carbon: extruded, granular type;
  • Bamboo based activated carbon: extruded type.

Featured Products

Liquid phase adsorption

Water treatment and ultra pure water treatment to remove chlorine and chloramines, household water purification.

Gas phase adsorption

Removal of VOCs in air and other gases, including removal of siloxanes in biogas, oil and gas recovery, industrial exhaust gas, storage tank gas, indoor air purification, organic odor treatment, mercury removal from liquefied natural gas, etc.

Military and civilian protective products

Human protective activated carbon, respiratory masks, collective protective equipment, protective clothing.

Food and beverage

To remove contaminants and impurities such as color and odor from sweeteners, food liquids, syrups, beverages, glycerin, amino acids and organic acids.



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