Wood-based Granular Activated Carbon


ACC wood-based granular activated carbon is strictly selected from high-quality raw materials. It adopts the chemical activation method and has features such as large adsorption capacity and rapid adsorption. It is used for COD removal in wastewater treatment, as well as refining, decolorization and deodorization of products in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, juice and wine industries. A small amount of granular activated carbon can achieve significant results thereby reducing operating costs.

Particle size: 4×8, 8×16, 8×30, 12×40, 16×50, 20×50, etc.

WGC Series


Food and Beverage


Odor Control

Indoor Air Purification

VOC Industrial

Municipal Water Treatment


VOC Remediation



This series product of granular wood based activated carbon is specifically designed for using in a wide range of gas phase and liquid phase. The selection of raw material and manufacture processes result in first-rate physico-chemical prosperities, such as high activity, high hardness, high purity and porosity. Moreover, this product is both eco-friendly and economic, the raw material of wood is sustainable and renewable, and WGC series are made through special processes which results in a longer life than common granular activated carbon thus reduce cost efficiently.


  • High purity and activity.
  • Optimized transport paths for faster adsorption.
  • Acid washed.
  • Enhanced adsorption capacity.

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