Wood-based Activated Carbon Pellet

WEC Series

Wood-based Activated Carbon in Pellet Type


Solvent Recovery

Catalyst Support

Landfill Leachate

Paint Spray Booths

VOC Industrial

Mediacal Facility


Odor Control

VOC Remediation

Gas Processing



This series product of pelletized wood based activated carbon, is specifically designed for using in a wide range of gas phase. The selection of raw material and manufacture processes result in first-rate physico-chemical prosperities, such as high activity, high hardness, high purity and porosity. Moreover, this product is both environment friendly and recycle economic, the raw material of wood is sustainable and renewable, and after the adsorption capacity of the product has been exhausted, it can be returned to ACC for custom thermal reactivation (upon carbon acceptance approval).


  • Lower pressure drop which reduces fan energy consumption as compared to granular activated carbon.
  • Optimal transport pores for faster adsorption and desorption, especially important for solvent recovery, catalyst and chemical conversion process.
  • With lower density as compared to coal based carbons, this series product has the advantage of a lower cost per unit volume.
  • High hardness provides excellent resistance to mechanical and thermal stress.
CTC (%)60-120
Hardness (%)95 min
Ash Content (%)7 max
Particle Size (mm) 1.5 / 2 / 3 / 4 / etc.


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