Activated Carbon for H2S Removal


Different from other odor adsorption activated carbon, this series is carbon media combined with premium quality bituminous coal or wood shavings and selected active ingredients produced by the special manufacturing technology, which gives it extraordinary high H2S adsorption capacity. 

This odor control media includes the following main applications: smell gas control, sewage treatment, refinery, pulp mill, and paper mill, acid gases such as HCl, SO2, and volatile organic compounds. 

Three special featured products are recommended: One is activated carbon with H2S adsorption capacity at about 0.2-0.3 g/cc; the second is non-impregnated activated carbon, which means all of the pore volume and surface area can be used to absorb sulfur element during the process of catalytic and oxidative to H2S; and the third one is ACC wood-based activated carbon pellets



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