Activated Carbon Filter Sheet


Acarbon selects a variety of high-performanced activated carbon to shape up under the scientifically proportion according to their pore size distribution upon the customers’ application requirements. The filter sheet is precisely manufactured under certain conditions.

Its performance value is much better than bulk activated carbon’s and is an upgraded substitute for honeycomb activated carbon, sintered activated carbon and activated carbon filter screen.

It is a new purification filter material combining with high efficient filtration and super adsorption, along with high specific surface area up to 1000 M2/G, thick filter layer, dense structure, high strength, developed pores, adjustable filtration resistance arbitrarily, acidproof, alkali resisting and high temperature resistance.

It is widely used in airports, electrical rooms, computer rooms, medical clinics, laboratories, factory gas emissions, etc. and effectively removes organic matter, acid gases and mercury from the air. It can also be used for water purification in small water circulation equipment containers.

Activated Carbon Filter Sheet


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