Powdered Activated Carbon for Water Purification


Powdered Activated Carbon for Water Purification

These series of powdered activated carbon is made of high-quality wood and coconut shell, through advanced production process. Featured by developed pore structure, strong adsorption capacity, fast filtration, etc., it can be used in all kinds of water purification (like boiler water purification), air purification, metal extraction, solvent recovery, drugs refinement, decolorization, and other application fields.

Note: The specifications can be offered as per clients’ requests.

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ACC provides activated carbon products developed for drinking water purification & deodorization, wastewater and sewage advanced treatment, ultrapure water preparation in the electronic industry and pharmaceutical industry, organic matter removal from water, etc.

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ACC manufactures products in its milling and mixing plants characterized by precise adsorption and filtration properties offering customized solutions for a wide application spectrum. Liquid and gaseous media are treated with ACC powdered activated carbons.



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