Coal-based Granular Activated Carbon



This activated carbon series is developed for the removal of taste and odor compounds and dissolved organic compounds in potable water treatment. It is characterized by developed meso and macro pore volume and also suitable for other water treament applications and sugar decolorization.

The product is manufactured from select grades of bituminous coal, which has high volatile matter. The bituminous-based raw material coal is pulverized and reagglomerated with suitable binder in order to produce high activity, durable granular products capable of withstanding the abrasion associated with repeated backwashing, air scouring, and hydraulic transport.

Activation is controlled to produce exceptionally high internal surface area with optimum pore size for effective adsorption of a broad range of high and low molecular weight organic contaminants.


  • Bituminous-based raw material
  • High density
  • Coal is pulverized & reagglomerated with suitable binder


  • It has greater hardness and abrasion resistance compared to other raw materials, which is required for thermal reactivation and minimizes generation of fines and product losses in operations requiring backwashing.
  • Pore structure provides a wider range of contaminant removal capabilities compared to other starting materials.
  • The series is of high density, wet readily, and do not float, thus minimizing loss during backwash operations.
  • It creates optimal transport paths for faster adsorption.


ASTM/GB protocol for activated carbon.



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