Activated Carbon for Acetone Recovery

SR-ACE Series

for Acetone Recovery


Cigarette-Cellulose acetate spinning – acetone

Production of smokeless gun-powder – acetone

Plastics and artificial leather production – acetone

Film and foil manufacture – acetone

Cellulose tow production – acetone

Viscose production – acetone, CS2

Film coating – acetone/MEK

Filter tow production – acetone

Solvent degreasing – trichloroethylene

Copier paper/ribbon – methylene chloride

Aluminium foil – ethyl acetate

Pharmaceuticals – ketones

Magnetic media – MEK/Cyclohexanone

Resin moulding – styrene

Rotogravure printing – toluene

Wallpaper production – pentane

Adhesive tape – hexane


SR-ACE Series products are typically designed for the solvent recovery of acetone. EcoSR Series exhibits strong adsorption capacity that prolongs adsorption cycles. Moreover, this activated carbon is exceptionally hard and resistant to mechanical stress due to special process treatment. Besides, the elevation of the Ignition temperature through special processes minimizes the risk of bed fires from these types of solvents.


  • High adsorption capacity for a wide range of organic compounds.
  • Low steam consumption for minimize energy costs.
  • High hardness and abrasion resistance.
  • Low pressure drop.

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