Liquid Phase Applications of Activated Carbon Adsorption

(a) Drinking water availability, to improve taste, smell and color including removal of chlorinated compounds and other VOCs.

(b) Improvements to ground water purity, contaminants coming from disused sites of heavy industries.

(c) Treatments of both industrial and municipal wastewater.

(d) Mining operations require feed water treatment, metallic ion adsorption (gold and other metals), adsorption of excess flotation reagents and adsorption of NOM.

(e) Pharmaceutical processes, including purification of process water, use with fermentation broths and purification of many products.

(f) The food, beverage and oil industries for removal of small, color and unacceptable tastes.

(g) The dry-cleaning industries require purification of solvents.

(h) The electroplating industries require purification of wastewater containing Pb, Cr, etc.

(i) Household water purification, cleaning of aquaria and use in oven-extract hoods.

(j) The sugar and sweetener industries need decolorization agents for the production of white sugar, etc.