Activated Carbon Products

ACC® Activated Carbon

ACC supplies wood, bamboo, coal, coconut shell and other material based activated carbon, uses the process of steam activation, chemical activation, granulation and kinds of activated carbon production technology to provide extruded, granular, spherical, and powdered activated carbon.

Activated carbon is widely used in solvent recovery, air purification, water purification, decolorization, purification and deodorization of beverage, alcohol, msg mother liquor in the food industry, pressure swing adsorption, nuclear and biological protection, natural gas storage adsorption and other fields.




 Activated Carbon for Solvent Recovery
Solvent Recovery

This series is a type of wood based pellet activated carbon with high quality gas phase adsorption. It has high strength, high activity, low flow resistance, low density and high working capacity.

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 Activated Carbon for Supercapacitor

This activated carbon is specifically designed for the production of high performance capacitor or battery, such as super lead carbon battery, super lithium capacitor and electric double-layer capacitor, etc.

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 Activated Carbon for Glyphosate

This carbon acts as an oxidation catalyst especially for Glyphosate. It takes less reaction time and less energy consumption compared to the traditional technology. This activated carbon also improves the conversion rate of PMIDA, which leads to the increase of Glyphosate production.

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 Activated Carbon for Chloramine Removal
Chloramine Removal

This activated carbon series has extremely high purity and extremely low content of ash, iron salt and heavy metals. It also has a suitable pore structure, high activity and high strength. It can be effectively used for the removal of chloramine and other harmful substances in drinking water.

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 Activated Carbon for Sugar Decolorization
Sugar Decolorization

This activated carbon has a large average pore radius, large adsorption capacity and rapid adsorption performance. It is mainly used in the food chemistry and brewing industry for the decolorization and refining of sugar, xylose, fructose, glucose, fruit juice and alcohol. This activated carbon meets food grade requirements and certified by Kosher and Halal.

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 Activated Carbon for Pressure Swing Adsorption
Pressure Swing Adsorption

This type of carbon is made from high quality of natural coal by using catalytic method of activation. It gets strong adsorption capacity, easy desorption function and high strength. It is widely used for the separation, purification or desulfurization of chemical raw gases and chemical synthesis gases, such as H2, O2, N2, CH4, CO2, CO and other gases from petrochemical, metallurgical and synthetic ammonia industries.

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 Activated Carbon for Human Protection
Human Protection

The series includes protective carbon, protective clothing and protective mask, etc. It helps to against a variety of pollutants, including NIOSH gases, carbon monoxide, phosgene, sarin, chemical warfare agents and other toxic industrial chemicals.

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