Granular Activated Carbon

Granular Activated Carbon



ACC specifies dedicated activated carbons of optimal porosity and particle size distribution according to the components of the medium to be removed. Liquid and gaseous media are treated with ACC granular activated carbons.

Raw Material


  • Gas phase (e.g. fruit storage)
  • Liquid phase (e.g. decolorization, purification)


  • Drinking water, waste water treatment, chemical and food industries.
  • Industry: fixed-bed adsorbers.
  • Alcohol purification.
  • Beverage water preparation.
  • Biodiesel refining.
  • Cabin air filtration.
  • Carbon dioxide scrubbers in fruit storages.
  • Chloramine removal.
  • Commercial aquarium water treatment.
  • Decaffeination.
  • Decolorization.
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