Bamboo Activated Carbon Pellets, Powder, Granules

BP Series

Bamboo-based activated carbon pellets, powder, granules


Municipal Water

Ultrapure Water

Indoor Air Purification

Drinking Water Potable

VOC Industrial

Catalyst Support

Drinking Water Industrial

VOC Remediation

Odor Control

Bottle & Brewing


BP series products are bamboo based activated carbon, the selection of raw materials and special manufacture processes result stronger adsorptivity of developed micropores and high surface area. In gas phase and liquid phase applications, BP series has the advantage of small molecules adsorption. ACC can provide bamboo activated carbon in different forms and specifications according to specific applications.

Activated Carbon Raw Material - Bamboo


  • High surface area.
  • Developed micropores.
  • Enhanced adsorption capacity.
  • Lower cost per unit volume.


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